AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

AWS cloud cost optimization is not an easy thing. May you are able to successfully host your application on cloud. But there is real good factor you need to keep in consideration is the cost at which you are operating. Your cloud transformation is incomplete, if you do now work out on cloud optimization. This is what it makes you different than others. It is always a good habit to keep note of every individual resource you are using.

AWS provides you many features out of the box through which you can save up considerable cost. We are presenting some real good ideas and best practices, following that you can save a good amount of cost while operating on cloud.

  1. Use spot instances wherever applicable specially for the workloads for which you can bear some losses.
  2. Use reserved instances once your application start working fine and your capacity is good enough to handle traffic.
  3. Right size your instances and volumes, keep a check on cloudwatch monitoring, if the consumptions are not huge, you can reduce the sizing.
  4. Keep monitoring and tracking your service usage.
  5. Use aws cost explorer service by tagging resources to identify resource costs.
  6. Check the bandwidth consumption and find out the ways to reduce it.
  7. Setup lifecycle policies to move old data on S3 into reduced redundancy storage or glacier.
  8. Write up script to stop instances in odd hours and start up automatically during your business hours.
  9. Setup cloudwatch alerts to alert on reaching budget.
  10. Setup automated scripts to delete oldsnapshots.
  11. Put lifecycle policies to contents stored in bucket, so that they can be moved to lower price segment.
  12. Keep a strict check on data transfer in, out, within Az’s, within regions.

Apart from the above ideas, aws provide a cloud formation template to create stack through which you can find the right sizing for your instances

Cost optimization is a vital element in cloud computing. It is always a good practice to start planning for cost optimization from initial deployment stage. You can easily make good savings by purchasing reserved capacity and using spot instances. A careful planning and regular monitoring can help you achieve good savings.The cost optimization process is not one time, you need to keep on auditing your bills in future to see where you can make considerable savings.

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