AWS EC2 Change Instance Type

In this blog post you will be going to learn how to change aws ec2 instance type. Often at the time of development you start with a very micro sized instance T2.Micro but to launch it for production use you have to change it to a larger size. Often small size instances suffer from network bottlenecks. You can easily change EC2 instance type without worrying much.

Probable reasons to change instance type:

  • Over-sized instance, which is unnecessarily costing.
  • Under sized instance, which is not sufficient as per needs.
  • Require a different family of instance as per workload need.

For resizing its necessary that instances should have below compatibility:

  • Virtualization Type: The instance that you want to update, and the instance type to which you are looking to update should share same virtualization if PV then PV, if HVM then HVM.
  • Architecture: The instance type you are looking to update to should share same processor architecture as the current instance type.
  • Network: Newer instance types must be launched in VPC. Instances in EC2 classic cannot be updated to instances type that are available only under VPC.
  • Enhanced Networking: For enhanced networking instances you must first install ENA drivers or ixgbevf drivers on your instance. The instance type A1, C5, C5d, C5n, M5, M5a, M5d, p3dn.24xlarge, R5, R5a, R5d, T3, and z1d requires EBS-backed AMIs with the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) drivers installed.
  • NVMe: If you are looking to convert non nvme instances to nvme instance then you must first install NVMe drivers then only you can update.
  • AMI: For the AMIs required by instance types that support enhanced networking and NVMe, you can check AWS standard documentations.

Changing AWS EC2 instance type is a very simple process. For instances with root device EBS volume, you can change the size of the instance simply by changing its instance type, which is known as resizing it. For instances with instance store volume, you must migrate your application to a new instance with the instance type that you need. Follow below step by step process to change EC2 instance type:

STEP 1: Login to AWS Console

Login to your AWS Console, goto running EC2 instances list.

AWS Login
Running EC2 instances

STEP 2: Choose and Stop Instance

From the running EC2 instances list, choose instance which you want to upgrade to higher size. After choosing instance goto Actions -> Instance State click Stop.

ec2 stop insance

STEP 3: Update Instance type

Choose stopped instance and goto Actions -> Instance Settings click Change Instance Type. It will open up a instance choosing dropdown. Choose the instance type of your choice and click apply.

ec2 change instance type

update ec2 type

Your EC2 instance type will be updated immediately. The update instance type will reflect immediately.

updated instance type

STEP 4: Start your instance

That’s it you are done, now you can start your updated instance again and use.

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