AWS EC2 features and limitations

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is one of the services from AWS. This service provides resizable compute capacity. With EC2 service you can provision virtual machine on fly. You can choose os ranging from ubuntu, amazon linux, centos, windows etc. The OS are provided as amis (amazon machine images). You can choose compute capacity as well like vcpu, ram etc from the aws ec2 instance families. You pay only for the compute capacity you consume per hour. You can easily scale up or down as per your computing needs or changes in traffic spikes through autoscaled configuration. In this blog post we will be going to see aws ec2 features and limitations of EC2.

Features of EC2:

  • Virtual computing environments named as EC2 instances.
  • Pre packaged templates called amazon machine images (AMI’s) which includes os and some other softwares prepackaged.
  • Marketplace and community ami’s for different needs.
  • Different purchasing options for instances spot, reserved, and on demand as per your needs.
  • Different configuration of compute resources CPU, Memory, Storage, networking called as instance types.
  • Different categories instance types, depends on workloads called as instance families.
  • Persistent storage volumes for data known as elastic block store EBS.
  • Multiple physical locations for your resources known as Availability zones and regions.

Limitations of EC2:

  • Number of EC2 instances you can launch in a region is 20. This is default limit, you can submit request to launch more instances.
  • Number of elastic ip address for EC2-Classic is 5, you can request for more.
  • Number of security groups for EC2-classic per instance is 500.
  • Rules per security group for EC2-classic instance is 100.
  • Total number of keypairs is 5000.
  • You can launch upto 1000 launch templates per region and 10000 versions per launch template.
  • You can create upto 500 placement groups.
  • Throttling on emails sent through EC2 instances on port 25.
  • You can have 50 ami copies at a time, while 25 copies can be from one region.

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