AWS Price Calculation Made Simple

Hello folks, aws price calculation made simple, you must be thinking what this post is all about. Let me make it easy for you guys, through this article I will be sharing some tips and tricks to effectively calculate your cost of operations on AWS cloud or we can say an estimated cost of operations on AWS cloud. Why we said estimated cost, because it is simply impossible to calculate actual cost as you do not know how much traffic will actually land and which pages will be accessed.

As per my industry experience in cloud computing environment I have seen people struggling to calculate cost of operations on cloud. Really, its not easy to calculate prices on cloud as you need to what all elements constitutes the cost factor. So, to overcome cloud cost calculation challenges I decided to come up with an article to help cloud engineers, cloud re-searchers, web developers, product owners to effectively calculate their cost of operation on AWS cloud. To calculate cost, you need to know in advance what all cloud services you are planning to use in your application and in what amount.

AWS has provided a really very good price calculator to calculate cost on aws – , we will be using that calculator only to calculate cost of operations on aws. I will be taking you through some use-cases for which we will calculate cost.

Usecase 1: Simple wordpress blog site on AWS EC2

To begin with price calculation lets figure out the AWS Services and cost elements that will be utilized in calculating cost of hosting wordpress blog site on AWS EC2 instance. I am considering wordpress site and db will be hosted in a single tier architecture on a single EC2 instance.

Cost Factors:

  • Instance type
  • Volume Type
  • Volume Size
  • Elastic IP
  • Datatransfer Out

For our usecase we will use T2.micro instance, volume type as GP2 with 8 GB as we do not have too much iops requirement. We can consider 500 mb data transfer out per day i.e around 15 GB/month. Confused with data transfer out term then read this post – what is data transfer out in cloud computing? We can use elastic ip so that starting and stopping instance should not change our ip. If we had taken EIP and are not using it then it will charge for non-attached hrs. Lets consider the region as Mumbai where our wp blog will be deployed.

aws price calculation usecase1

aws price calculation usecase 1.1

aws price calculation usecase 1.2

So overall this may charge you around $11.54 + taxes on AWS to host a basic wp blog. The price may vary depends on your actual consumption and also on your aws account creation date. For new customers for the first year aws through some discounts on services like t2.micro as free for 760 hours, gp2 volume size free upto 30 GB. I had calculated this price with option FREE USAGE TIER: New Customers get free usage tier for first 12 months as unchecked, which you can see on images. Keeping it checked will add discounted prices.


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