Create PCI/DSS compliant architecture on AWS

Creating PCI/DSS compliant architecture was never been so easy. You need to take care on many things, from security at rest, security in transit and many more. But on AWS through quick start tutorial you can easily learn how to create PCI (Payment Card Industry)/DSS (Data Security Standard) compliant architectures on AWS. PCI DSS helps companies in maintaining a secure environment for storing, processing, and transmitting credit card data.

AWS Provides quick start template that will help you get and up going with a PCIDSS compliant architecture. Please go through below network diagram explaining this. You can find more info at –

PCIDSS Architecture AWS

The deployments includes following features and components:

  1. IAM Policies, Roles, Instance Profile for safe, secure and limited access to data.
  2. S3 buckets for logging, backup and storing encrypted content.
  3. Logging, monitoring, and alerts using AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Config rules.
  4. Encrypted MultiAZ RDS database.
  5. VPC with Public, Private Subnets, multi AZ, Load Balancers for high availability and scalability.

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