Google AdWords has become Google Ads Now

In this article you will come to know that google adwords has become google ads now. Google adwords was in use since a long time. Now for business to gain benefits through ads, Google has come up with google ads. They have brought up a funda “Pay only for results”, that means you need to pay for your ads only when someone calls you or get landed on your website.

Benefits of Google Ads:

Lets try and see what real benefits this new google ads have brought up.

– Get up and running quickly: Just create your account and leave everything on google. Google will manage where and how to place your ads. No keywords to be chosen or ongoing maintenance.

– Tell your story: You need to simply put three lines about your business. Google will auto create your ads and show it to relevant people looking for what you offer.

– Only pay for ads that results: You can adjust your budget anytime and you need to pay only when the customers clicks through the ad and visit you website or give you a call.

You can choose how you want to reach your audience through text ads, display ads, video ads. You can completely control your budgets and can see reporting on how your ads are doing.

How it works:

  • You can start stop anytime.
  • You can control pricing you wish to pay when someone clicks. you can change it any time.
  • You can see real time that your investments are paying by seeing results of visits, online sales, phone calls.
  • You can do payment with three type of modes – credit card, debit card and bank payment.

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