How to extend EBS volume size on AWS EC2 Instance

Often you create an AWS EC2 instance with a small EBS volume size, at later stage you may need to extend the volume size to a larger size to cater your workload needs. AWS Provides an easy way to update volume size. In this blog post you will be going to learn How to extend volume size on AWS EC2 Instance.

Login to your aws console and follow below process to extend volume size.

STEP 1: Choose EBS Volume

Goto EBS and select volume which you want to extend as shown in picture below-

EBS Volume

From the actions drop down choose Modify Volume as shown in picture below-

Modify EBS Volume


STEP 2: Put New Volume Size

After selecting actions as Modify Volume you will get a pop screen to input new volume size as shown in picture below. Initially my volume size was 20 GB, in this example I am updating it to 21 GB.

Modify EBS Volume Size

Once you do and click Modify button another popup will come showing some information and asking for confirmation as shown in image below-

EBS Modification Confirmation

Once you click on yes your EBS volume size modification will start.

STEP 3: Status of Volume Modification

You can see or check status or volume modification from description tab as shown in pic below, the percent will keep on increasing. Once it is 100 % then it means EBS volume modification is completed. However this process might take time depends how big you are enlarging.

EBS Volume Modification Status

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